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about us

Erudite is a Total IT Solutions Provider to the private and public sectors throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

Since the late ’90s we have supplied hundreds of organisations with IT Support services as well as products and guidance. We have developed long-term partnerships with our partners. We are their IT team, but without the associated cost.

Erudite provides every aspect of business and educational IT including: servers, PCs, laptops, software, network management tools, electronic projectors and interactive whiteboards, peripherals, data cabling installation and configuration, managed services and full technical support.

We can even provide room renovation services, turning that disused cupboard into a state of the art ICT suite with our growing range of office furniture and accessories.

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What You Will Receive:

A dedicated IT Technician at your full disposal

Instead of calling a help desk and then being passed around until you finally get to the right person you will be given your own IT Technician who you can call directly.

Stress-Free IT

We will take care of everything, and we mean EVERYTHING. You can focus on what you do best knowing that we are focused on what we do best.

The Best Prices

Not only are our support costs the best around but we pride ourselves on having the best business networks meaning we can guarantee you only pay the lowest prices on equipment too.

Trust, Relationships and Satisfaction

We won't place our technicians with you just because they are local. We use The Identity Compass to analyse your values and work practises so we can pair you with a technician who is perfect for you in every way.

Fast, Responsive and Reliable

After a small amount of time your technician will learn everything about your infrastructure, from the Servers to your staff so they can identify and prevent problems before they even arise or quickly fix any issues with minimal disruption.

Growth and Partnerships

We can help your business grow. Through technology we can simplify your processes and help you attract new customers using Social Media. As you grow, we grow so it's an ideal partnership

We Have More Than 25 years of Experience

We have been working in the IT Industry for more than 25 years but in technology it's not about what we have done in the past but about how well we can cope with the future. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technology so we know what the future holds before it arrives.

We've been there, done that and worn the T-Shirt. We've worked with Windows 3.1 and built networks the hard way. But that's not important, what IS important is that we spend a large portion of our time being trained and retrained on NEW technologies not old technologies. Who wants a technician that is fluent in Windows 95 but useless with Windows 10?


We don't have departments, we have people. If you technician is struggling with a issue they have a vast amount of knowledge and experience at their finger tips as they can contact a fellow technician who will have the answer!


We will become part of your company. We will be your very own IT Department without the costs. You can call us at any time and we will be there to help you no matter what.


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