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4 Reasons Why SME’s Don’t Upgrade their IT

4 Reasons why SME’s Don’t Upgrade their IT. We often work with SME’s and business owners who understand the value-add of their IT infrastructure, but not necessarily the details of how, specifically, their IT paves the path on which their business operations walk. We understand that it’s a necessary expense, and sometimes it is considered,…
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Product Review – HP Elite X3

Product Review - HP Elite X3 As an IT Solutions Provider we are constantly having to look to the future to predict how the IT world is shaping up. A lot of the time it’s simply smaller, quicker PC/Laptops and thinner, lighter tablets. Recently it’s mainly been about The Cloud and how we can use…
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Parental Perception of Online Safety

 Parental Perception of Online Safety A recent story in the newspapers highlights the increased risk of online safety for our children today. See the link at the bottom of this blog if you want to read the whole story. I want to look at it from a different angle though. And I would welcome your…
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Upgrade and Save

If you’re of a certain age and someone uses the word “kit” in your company, you might be forgiven for thinking of a black Pontiac Trans Am, driven by a very tall man named Michael. If you use it today whilst in a school or business, the word seems to have taken on a new…
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