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Apple Support

appleMany businesses and schools are turning to Apple for their IT infrastructure. It’s reliable and the Total Cost of Ownership isn’t as much as people think. Call us to find out more.

The best value-add is that Apple works well with Apple, so the cost of support can be greatly reduced if all your devices are Apple. The main cost is the initial purchase, and the potential for training as you get used to a new system.

Generally speaking, Apple products are used by the more creative industries, and MS products are used for more Office-based activities. There is no reason why you can not have a mix of Apple and Microsoft (IBM) depending on your needs. For example: we see many schools and businesses with Windows PC’s and Apple iPads.

If you have already bought Apple devices, and you only need a few pointers every so often, then our Ad Hoc contract would suit you best. We also offer a Retainer Contract which is still Ad Hoc, but you get more for your money.

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