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Cloud Services

cloudcomputing2Technology is moving forwards and we are quickly losing our dependency on having Server rooms and storing our data in our own offices and school. The future is the Cloud.

Office 365 - We can take care of the management of your Office 365 account. We can create and manage your email accounts and personal online storage. We can set this up for you too if you don't have it already.

Off-site Backup - In the event of a disaster a lot of companies find themselves unable to rebuild as they have lost all of their important files. By backing them up away from your buildings, on our Servers, you don't need to worry about your files. We are one of the few providers who can offer UNLIMITED storage so you don't need to worry about space either.

VPN - Like most of us, do you hate having to commute to the office every morning? Have you ever gone to a meeting and left your presentation on your Office Server? If you have a VPN you could access all of your files and network resources from anywhere in the world. It would be like being in your office without actually being in the office.

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