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4 Reasons Why SME’s Don’t Upgrade their IT

4 Reasons why SME’s Don’t Upgrade their IT.comicPreview

We often work with SME’s and business owners who understand the value-add of their IT infrastructure, but not necessarily the details of how, specifically, their IT paves the path on which their business operations walk.

We understand that it’s a necessary expense, and sometimes it is considered, by business owners a cost item on the balance sheet that offers no real financial return.
But just imagine for one minute how you would operate your business if you lost your IT equipment for the day. Just one day. It would be like going back to the Dark Ages. Do you know where your manual credit card machine is?

When I force my young children to have a “1970’s Weekend” where they have to have a weekend in the same way that I had to live every weekend in the 70’s – with zero technology - they go stir crazy at first, and then just get on with it. But that’s “play” time. That’s not their business.

If it’s too difficult to consider what it would be like in your business if you were to lose your IT for the day, then we can extrapolate out a less-harsh scenario.

For example: for every year of age your desktop or laptop accumulates, how much slower is it running? And this speed of operations has a negative influence on your efficiency within your business operation.
How old is your network router? Does it have a 5Ghz Wi-Fi network? What is the impact on your speed of operations due to the fact that your wireless network is very slow? Do you feel like you are always waiting for that one file to copy over? If you wait 5 minutes for one file per day, how many hours have you wasted in 3 years of waiting, simply because your router is old?
It’s roughly 90 hours you have wasted simply because you have old technology.

So what stops business owners from upgrading something as fundamental as their IT infrastructure if they know that not doing it will negatively impact their ability to perform in their business? Here are a few reasons we have gleaned from clients over the last few years:

• They don’t have the specific IT knowledge.
• They don’t have the time as they’re focusing on their own business (false positive).
• They don’t trust IT companies and fear being ripped off – as per point 1.
• They don’t see the value-add of an up-to-date IT system – as above.

Erudite adds value by addressing these points with each customer individually, to take the worry out of their IT decisions and explain as we go, the logic and rationale behind our decision-making process.

We find this level of transparency is vital for our customers so they understand each step of the thinking behind their IT infrastructure, but also to create an element of trust between them and us. If we recommend an Apple laptop rather than a Windows laptop, there is a functional business reason for this, and we ensure our customers are aware what the reason is. They are then free to make a more erudite decision. See what we did there?

Erudite is a team player, and team play requires openness and transparency. IT is not magic and we don’t like it when we hear from new customers that their previous IT company held their cards too close to their chest and would not explain any aspect of their activities or decisions.
This only helps to create an atmosphere of mistrust and elitist expertise on the part of the IT company, and it really doesn’t need to be this way.

Our customers then know we are working in their best business interests, which means we can focus on their IT, so they can focus on what they are good at: running their business!

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