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Finding the Right Fit

How many IT companies employ your stereotypical IT technician?

You know the ones I mean: you have an image of one right now in your mind.

How many times have you come across an IT technician who matches the images

you have in your head more so than the culture within your organization? And

what has your IT Support Company done to ensure their technician matches

your cultural requirements? Are they even thinking about your cultural needs or

just your IT requirements?

Let’s face it: your IT requirements are the easiest part. You have a network; you

have a server or ten; you have some IT Architecture requirements at a relatively

high level; but this is a high level of technical competence, not a high level of

corporate complexity.

How do you ensure your IT Technician understands the nuances of business, not

just your business, so when they make a decision, they’re making the best

decision for your organizational culture too? How often do your people, your

employees factor into the decision-making process for your IT Support team?

At Erudite, we like to use a system that identifies how a person thinks in order to

determine their behavior in a work context. It wouldn’t be appropriate to put a

Detail-oriented, fast-paced tech guru in with a small, medium-paced SME that

has a requirement for network and laptop support.

Nor would it be appropriate to place a newly qualified technician into a fast-

moving, highly dynamic large enterprise unless they had the attributes and

sufficient thinking complexity to cope with such a position.

Best Fit

So we have teamed up with Gables Consultancy Ltd, who are expert at profiling

their clients’ thinking patterns and translating them to behaviours, so we can

profile each technician we employ. This gives us an understanding of what

makes them tick, how they are motivated and how their IT competences in the

context of their Thinking Quotient TM best fit your organisation.

We can then apply their thinking and behaving to the most appropriate company

we support. This ensures you get the best support from an IT perspective, but

also the best person to fit in with your team and culture.

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